Best gaming headset for pc Bengoo G9000 Stereo with Mic, LED light and soft noise

About this product :

1.[ Compatible with multi platform] Support PlayStation 4, Laptop ,Pc ,New Xbox one, iPad, mobile phone, tablet. If you had an old Xbox you need an extra Microsoft adapter(not included)

2. [Great design] Superior comfortable and strong heat resistance protein over-ear pads, headband multi-points, according to the specification of human body engineering, will minimize hearing impairment and heat sweat. Glaring LED lights descend to highlight the feeling of the game on the ear cushions.

3. [Surrounding stereo subwoofer] Strong brass, splendid sound level separation, and high precision 40 mm magnetic rare-earth driver, clear sound working, the acoustic spatial resolution improves the speaker unit’s sensitivity, giving you vibrant sound field, sound clarity, sound impact feeling.

4. [Noise insolating microphone] With its premium noise-canceling feature, the onmi-directional microphone transmits high-quality communication, allowing you to easily change the microphone angle and send or receive messages while you are in a game.

5. [Highly sound control] The angled and highly accurate 50 mm magnetic neodymium driver gives you a vibrant sound field, sound accuracy, sound impact sensation, capable of playing various games.


  1. Noise isolation mic upgrade for sensitivity.

2. High-precision drive units create a crisp and strong tone.

3. For superior convenience, configured fit.

4.Highlight the game atmosphere.


  1. Less breathability.

Using manual:

  1. Please test it before applying the headset with your mobile phone
  2. To make sure it runs well on your PS4
  3. Insert the 3.5mm jack-plug headset into the Gamepad.
  4. Press the PS4 button for a long time to access the Device Settings.

BestViewsReviews BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Ranking and Score

Based on review feelings and user opinions related to 8 features, this product received a cumulative score of 9.52 out of 10: Owner Satisfaction, Gaming, Sound Quality, Family Friendly, Controls and Value for money, noise cancellation, and comfort, and functionality.

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