TOP 10 FREE Digital Marketing Tools in 2020 To Grow Your Small Business Online

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Small and local businesses all around the world are being forced into a digital transformation. Fortunately, there are hundreds of digital marketing tools to support this transition and growth online. In 2020 had teams do it here welcome back I hope everyone is doing well today I want to share with you our top 10 free digital marketing tools to grow your small business online in 2020.

In general therefore in the post, we’re going to dive into the top 10 free digital marketing tools to grow your small business online in today’s fast-changing business environment.

#1 Mailchimp

The first digital marketing tool that we believe this essential for small and local businesses is called MailChimp. Now with this tool, you can simply create and build your email list.

You can also easily build a landing page with MailChimp which offers a simple drag and drop landing page builder to easily capture emails and other information from your audience.

#2 Google My Business

The second essential digital marketing tool is called Google My Business. This tool is one of the most important marketing tools for local businesses. Once you’ve created a free Google My Business listing and edit all your business information then your target audience can find your business on Google search and Google Maps.

When typing in keywords related to your business product or services. This is ultimately going to drive the majority of your leads phone call sales through to your business. Download Link:

#3 Canva

The third digital marketing tool I want to highlight today is called Canva. Now, this is an online design tool aimed at small businesses or business owners with little to no design experience. Now with Canva, you can quickly and easily create business materials for free from logos, Flyers, presentations, posters, social media content, and more.

The list goes on you can create essentially anything with canvas. Now Canva is the best all-in-one design tool for small businesses. We highly recommend you give the camera a go if you’re considering creating your own business materials because rather than paying big bucks to agencies you can actually create a lot of content.

#4 Google Analytics

 The 4th digital marketing tool that is important for understanding your website performance is called Google Analytics. Now many people don’t bother with Google analytics because they think the data will be too difficult to interpret.

However Google Analytics makes it super easy to understand what is happening on your website from breaking down the traffic sources your audience location age gender and how your website pages performing online now if you want to learn more about understanding your website analytics then click the link above for our beginners tutorial on Google analytics.

#5 Ubersuggest

The 5th vital tool is called Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. Now this digital marketing tool is used for understanding keywords in your market and your website domain for example if you type in your website domain name.

Here you can see an overview of how your website is performing here we can see the number of keywords that your website appears for as well as the amount of organic or free website traffic that your website receives on a monthly basis we can see the level of traffic per month and how high your website ranks in search engines like Google.

#6 Facebook Ads Library

The sixth digital marketing tool that we want to talk about is called Facebook Ads Library. If you’re not actively using Facebook to grow your business now is the best time to get started the Facebook ad library allows you to spite ethically spike on your competition and see what images, videos, or text copy they are using in their ads.

#7 Google Ads

The 7th digital marketing tool that we want to cover today to grow your small business online in 2020 is called Google Ads. Now, this is a digital marketing activity called PPC (pay per click) advertising using Google ads for small and local businesses. You can invest and pay traffic to your website.

You can also set up goals like leads, phone calls, and conversions and then target specific audiences, locations, and keywords. The great thing about Google ads is you pay per click which means when someone shows interest in your ad and then clicks on your ad that is when you pay.

#8 Hubspot CRM

 The 8 digital marketing tool that we want to cover today is called HubSpot CRM (customer relationship) management software again this is a free comprehensive marketing tool and platform that integrates with many other business tools now have spots shrine is a free serum that has features for the small business growth you can manage interactions with customers and prospects.

while also creating beautiful email templates and more is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses and as you’re probably aware the majority of Syrians are extremely expensive the great thing about HubSpot CRM’s it’s completely free however if you do want to upgrade to use additional features then you can upgrade at any time

#9 Trello

The 9th digital marketing tool we want to talk about today is called Trello. Now this is a free productivity and project management software that is ideal for small businesses and their teams to collaborate on projects together this tool allows for a fun and visual project management experience for both businesses and their clients simply create a project board to attain and start creating your project workflows.

This is a great tool for teams that are based in different locations and must collaborate and work together online for an in-depth tutorial which guides you through Trello click the link above this is a great tool to stay productive and connected with your team.

#10 Audience Insights

The 10th and final digital marketing tool to grow your stupidness in 2020 is called Audience Insights within Facebook. This is a powerful research tool that will allow you to better understand your target audience.

With this digital marketing tool, you can easily create an audience that you want to target. With your Facebook ads, audience insights allow you to target your audience by location age gender, and interest that your audience has as well as more targeted options like a relationship, status, education, politics and more.

Those are the top 10 free digital marketing tools to grow your small business online in 2020.

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